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Tumblr Tuesday: The Young Fashionista

1. Who is missbeatrix?

Miss Beatrix isa seventeen year old girl with lofty dreams, a globe-trotter, a full-time blogger and a student taking up a course not related to fashion or even photography but still enjoying it. She can probably live with just tons of dresses and skirts filling up her closet and boots she can wear the whole day and never complain that her feet hurts.

2. What is your signature style? How would you define it?

I guess I don’t have a signature style… I just experiment with different styles and mix and match everything in my closet. My style changes from time to time, so I guess being adventurous can probably define my style. 

3. Whose style do you admire?

Doina Ciobanu, Patricia Prieto, Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

K-pop groups! Seriously, I can’t even understand a word they’re saying but thanks to eng subs I know what the song means haha :P My Ipod is filled with 70% Korean songs, 30% English songs and 0% Filipino song… I can’t control myself from listening to them!

5.   What turns you off?

Guys who smells, full of acnes and have long hair and girls who wear leggings as pants.

6. What are the common misconceptions about you?

That I am mataray and a quiet person! Well I am —- at first but once you get to know I’m seriously not that kind of person… I’m pretty much the loudest person you will ever meet ;)

7. What do you want in your life? I have a lot of “wants” in my life but to sum it up it’s going to be… “to make my dreams come true”.

8. Can you share your love story? Apparently, I don’t have any love story ever since I was born haha! I guess, I fall for guys who doesn’t even know I exist like LEE DONGHAE <3.

(Found this on Disneyland!)

9. Describe a typical day in your life. 

My typical day is probably the most boring day that anyone can have. Everyday is a never ending process of wasting my life in front of the computer.

10. Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why?

Tricia Gosingtian. She seems to have everything! From clothes, shoes, accessories… a happy family, real friends and pretty face!

11. Can you give me at least 5 random facts about you?

1. I’m a crybaby! When I was in preschool, elementary and highschool… I cry every year. When I watch a movie that has a great story which includes inspiring or touching words, I cry. When I listen to a sad song… I cry :/
2. I don’t have any talent… sucks to be me!
3. I have been traveling different countries since I was a kid but I never eat airline foods.
4. I’m socially awkward.
5. I go crazy when I’m with really close friends.

12. Any tumblr unforgettable experience?

When my followers appreciated my posts and spent their time writing in my ask box, telling me that I’m one of their favorite blogs.

13. 5 recommended Blogs:

kaillarific, biggestirony, ranzafe, jessaisasupergirl and camillesioco

14. Message to other tumblr  People and Followers. 

Thank you so much for spending your time reading my blog posts and following me as I continue to grow and inspire other people when it comes to fashion as well as photography. Everytime I post something in my Tumblr and Blogspot, you guys always draw a smile on my face by leaving out your comments and likes… I cannot ask for more. Thank you for all your support. With my young age… inspiring other girls out there is such a dream true!

Visit Miss Beatrix on blogspot for more photos! I really admire this girl, please follow her! She’s really awesome! :)

Thank you guys! see you again next Tuesday! I hope you like my entry for this week :)

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Tumblr Tuesday: The Fashion Sweetheart

1. Who is cristinegutierrez?

Cristine Gutierrez is a sixteen year old curly doll who happens to love dressing up and taking random pictures.

She still believes in fairytales and Prince Charmings even though she’s too old for those stuff. She loves eating donuts, ice creams and chocolates. And finally, she loves Justin Bieber so much.

2. What is your signature style? How would you define it?

I don’t have a signature style actually.

3. Whose style do you admire?        

Tricia Gosingtian, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus.

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The Chasing Pigments

Beauty tips? Read this!

1. What is Chasing Pigments?

Chasing Pigments is a beauty blog that provides makeup tips, tutorials, hauls and reviews that may serve as a guide for girls who want to try new beauty stuff and who want to know what’s in the makeup market these days.

"We may talk about makeups and fashion all the time but more than just the face paints and pretty shoes, we’re also here to let all the damsels know that class and confidence make you more beautiful than anyone else." - Chasing Pigment Girls

2. Who made Chasing Pigments?

Senyth, Tricia and April are the girls behind Chasing Pigments. Senyth and Tricia have always wanted to put up a beauty blog because both of them love cosmetics. So they did. And just last month, April also became part of the website.

3. Tell us about the writers.

Senyth, Tricia and April have been bloggers for years. They’ve known each other since their Wordpress days.

Senyth is a web designer who also enjoys the world of makeup.

Tricia is an IT graduate who is obsessed with lipsticks, shoes and bags.

And April is a future teacher who has an undying love for high-heeled shoes, lipsticks, the Azkals and football.

4. Why “Chasing Pigments”?

Senyth came up with the name. She got it from the song “Chasing Pavement”, changed Pavement to Pigments which is a common cosmetics term. Pigment refers to the color payoff of a makeup product.

5. Is Chasing Pigments only for girls who love HD cosmetics?

No. Definitely not. We also review highstreet / drugstore products.

6. What are the products you usually write a review on?

Revlon, Maybelline, Nyx, MAC, Skinfood, Avon, Myra E, etc. Visit us and find it out yourself! :)

7. Does any of the makeup products the writers review have any affiliation with them?

Nope. All opinios are our own and we don’t get paid for any good thing we say about a certain product. All the make p products we review are purchased with our own money. 

8. Will you accept any affiliation with small companies?

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Tumblr Tuesday: Aprilsalvador

1. Who is aprilsalvador?

aprilsalvador is an eighteen year old introvert girl, Information technology student, who loves to take photos of random things. She has become enamored of reading and collecting books. She very much appreciates the simple things in life and she is grateful about the things she has been encountering and will encounter in life.

2. What do you want in your life?

All I want in life is for God to make my family, loved ones, happy and contented in life. And also, I want to be able to tour in Europe, especially in France, Paris. 

3. Can you share your love story?

I don’t have one yet, but hopefully, I can be able to share you my love story soon..

4. Describe a typical day in your life. If there’s no school: net, read a book, text, listen to the radio, blog, eat, sleep, take photos, take a walk, stare at the sky, nothing really special, actually. Just a tedious day.

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Tumblr Tuesday: The Fourtrackmind

Pawnee likes visual arts, literature, music and unusual things.

1.    Who is fourtrackmind?

- Fourtrackmind, more known as Pawnee, is a sporadic eighteen years old girl who resides in Bacoor, Cavite. She had taken up AB Communication because of her love for writing and photography but she realized that she wants to pursue art more so she’ll be shifting next school term. She also loves literature, music and unusual stuffs.

2.    What do you want in your life?

- I want to live freely with the spirit of adventure and expression. I want to explore the world and learn new things. I don’t want to do the same thing every single day and be unpredictable instead. I want to be a professional artist and photographer. I want to play in a soccer team. I want to write a book. I have endless wants and don’t want to bore you with this. To make things short, I just want to live without restrictions.

3.    Can you share your love story?

- I have had only one serious relationship in my entire life and things didn’t work out. I’m not really into commitment so I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible so I always end up with flings only. I also find it difficult for me to fall hard for someone. Maybe I just haven’t met the right guy yet and yeah, I’m

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Tumblr Tuesday: The Yayosita

1.    Who is yayosita?

          Yayo Castro is a 22-year old freelance artist from Rodriguez, Rizal. She’s currently a compositor & video editor at the Philippines’ no. 1 (now no. 2) post-production company in Makati; editing TV commercials and corporate avps. Aside from that, she is a part-time dancer for an all-girl dance group “Stylettos”. She’d like to pursue a career in Engineering sooooon. Yayo loves Sailor Moon, Korean pop group Super Junior, chocolates, stargazing and watching horror movies.

2.    What do you want in your life?

         All I want in life is contentment. I am never satisfied with what I do or what I have. I want to learn more in my field and take it to the next level. I want to be a successful & an empowered woman. My highest goal is to give my parents their own dream house cause in their 27 years of marriage their priority is always us and never for the both of them.

3.    Can you share your love story?

         Not in a relationship right now though. I had only one EX & alam mo yun, Jeka. LOL After my first relationship, which lasted for 8 months, I decided to be a career woman & a fulltime fangirl. I’m a fan of the Korean boy group Super Junior for the past 4 years or so.

4.    Describe a typical day in your life.

         When I’m home alone & no work, I usually wake up at 9am, fix my siblings’ bed, take a cup of coffee, water my mother’s plants, finish my mother’s laundry, in between laundry I dance at the living room (I’m crazy like dut), tweeting, facebook~ing, Tumblr~ing & watch TV all day. 

A typical day as an artist, I’m at the office in Makati, I sit and edit all day, facebook, tweet, tumblr & drink lots of coffee that is free btw. After 12 hours at work, I either go home or stay at the office late. 

5.    Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why?

         I’d like to be

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Tumblr Tuesday: She loves to Draw

1.    Who is erectionoftheheart?  

- Erectionoftheheart is incidentally a blog of a seventeen-year-old-girl; who likes to draw and to take pictures. She’s trying to learn arts in every single way she could and wants to travel around the world with her love one day. She’s pretty reserved most of the time and has terrible mood swings, too. Lots of people (her friends, even) think that she is a boring person. She herself, does too most of times actually. But really, she is an appreciative and approachable person irl. She gets socially awkward sometimes tho. Physically, she’s like 5’5-6” tall, and has huge, round face. She sucks so badly at making introductions btw. 

2.    What do you want in your life?

-  Freedom, maybe. My guardians seemed to be forgetting that I am already 17 and that I need a legit teenage life just for chrissakes.

3.    Can you share your love story?

- The story’s pretty long, and I want it to be as private as possible so I would not tell you everything. All I could say is maybe, what I have right now is more of like a forbidden love (lol I know that sounds sort of cheesy or what but whatever). We seem to be so perfect for each other but a lot of people are intruding and are trying to ruin our relationship in so many fucking levels. Nevertheless, we’ve been with each other for years now still going strong. :-)

4.    Describe a typical day in your life.

- Most of my days are spent just lying around and lazying. I am a huge lazy ass, but

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