Hi! I'm Jeka!
This is my page. I'll share my thoughts. I'll share my breaks. I'll share whatever things I would like to share. A simple girl who loves to eat, read, write and take photos.
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For collaborations, job offers, suggestions and other inquiries, e-mail me jekadelarosa@gmail.com


1. Where did you study college? UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST-MANILA

2. What course did you take? AB JOURNALISM

3. When did you graduate college? April 2009

4. What’s your job? Butingtings Owner, Advertising something in World News, Free Lance writer and a part time unicorn.

5. What Camera do you use? Samsung PL121, Nikon D3000 and Ipod4

6. Where do you shop? Binondo, Department stores, UK, Artwork, Greenhills, Bazaars, Forever 21, Zara and kung saan may cheap but better clothes!

7. How do you post-process your photos? I normally don’t post-process them. But if there’s any editing made, photoscape or photoshop lang yun.

8. How tall are you? 5’2

9. Do you have Facebook? Yes! Here https://www.facebook.com/myjekadelarosa

10. When did you start blogging? Circa 2005. Multiply & Wordpress days!

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